About the Break….


Today I taught my last gym classes before an extended break. Sunday morning is my Gentle Yoga and BodyFlow day – or at least it was. It was a bittersweet goodbye, however temporary it may be. The Sunday morning regulars are the absolute best. (I’m not just saying that because I passed out this blog address to a bunch of them this morning. Hi guys! You really are the best.) They’re all laid back and sweet and full of calm, Sunday-morning energy. I love them.

So why a break? Two answers. One, and the simplest, is that it felt like time to take a break. The ever-to-be-honored voice of intuition said, “Take some time away, regroup, come back at it with fresh eyes and spirit.” The best word I’ve found is “sabbatical,” as pretentious as it may sound. I’ve been teaching for three years, and haven’t been away from this gym for more than a week of that at any point in time. I felt my boundaries eroding, and little things were getting to me.

It was time to take a step back. Concurrently, I suddenly saw what I wanted to do with my creative writing, and knew it was time to stop waffling. Writing hasn’t ranked high on to-do lists lately, what with two dayjobs and three teaching commitments a week. In these next few months, I plan to set good writing habits and routine. I’ve done the half-commitment to writing life before, and it didn’t stick. I have an eye on the long-term now.

Also, teaching is a creative endeavor, and it does take a good amount of dedicated focus and creative energy to do right. I’m not complaining by any means; my students absolutely give back anything I succeed in giving, and tenfold. The preparation does take time and energy, though, and I want to do it right. That’s not even including the petty preparations, like, what am I going to wear today?, which music should I use? or how many bobby pins does it take to hold my hair in place during Downward-Facing Dog?

So, instead of feeling torn in five directions, I decided to cut back to four. I’m still not sure it’s the best plan, and sure, I might come to regret it. As mentioned in the previous post, yoga really is a wonderful teacher, and helps so much with living a creative, vibrant, and aware life. For now, however, this is the plan. I’ll miss my gym peeps, but I’m also already really excited about going back in a few months. I hope they’ll be as excited to see me!

Next Time: The answer to the oft-asked question, “What are you writing?”

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