What I’m Working On


Before I discuss my current project, a little aside on my previous project.

I began to talk about it a lot to people, and defined it, before it really became clear to me what it was. When it started to evolve into something else, it scared me and I dropped it like a ton of bricks. Then I halfheartedly finished it. It was a mess. I walked away from that project shaking my head and thinking, “Well, at least now I know what not to do.”

That would be writing a book with no idea of the ending or over-arching story. It was obvious in the final result. So what I had wanted to be a sweet, bubblegum middle-school mystery that just happened to be set on the moon, turned into a strange sort of fairy quest book. It was a mess, and didn’t work at all.

People sometimes ask me, “Whatever happened to that story set on the moon?” Oh, I can say, not much.

All that to say, my current project is now mostly outlined and has already gone through a few radical transformations – enough so that I feel confident giving some description of it, and some promise of finishing it in a coherent, readable fashion, sometime in the near or distant future.

My current project has the working title of Magic Mirrors Made Easy, and is a romantic fantasy adventure with a twist – yes, another twist on top of the romantic fantasy involving magic mirrors, but I can’t tell you about that! This project started with a nugget of imagery from Beauty and the Beast – a lonely prince in his castle, gazing at a mirror that had been a portal to the world since childhood, meeting the fair young maiden who comes to bring a little light and love into his world.

I started writing that book, and oh, it was so sad. It was rather dire, and basically a funnel of all of my worries about my single life and overdrawn bank account.

Around that time, I finished another Sophie Kinsella book, and I thought, oh, it would be way more fun to write like this. One thing led to another, and suddenly the story was from the young female heroine’s perspective, much more adventurous, and much more fun. I wrote about 70 pages – just having a good ole’ time – when I suddenly stopped and realized I was about to have the same problem with this book as I did with my last one.

Now I’m in the middle of outlining the whole thing.

It’s been great for insight. I have had a few “ah-HAH!” moments that have led to really exciting turns in the story, and have turned my little chick-lit experiment into something of a Big Concept piece. But again, I cannot tell you about that part.

*adopting far-away, melodramatic gaze* Perhaps I have already said too much….


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