Beautiful Stories


Theodora Goss has a collection of short stories entitled In the Forest of Forgetting. It was one of the hidden treasures in the Big Bag o’ Books (BBoB) you get if you go to the World Fantasy Convention. (Getting a lot of free books, for book lovers, is just about the best thing you can imagine. I really wouldn’t be happier if they gave me a case of really expensive wine. Or a diamond ring. But oh, the books….)

I don’t get swept away by short stories very often, but almost every story in this collection captivated me. The writing is enchanting, the closest you can get to poetry in prose. Goss weaves a tale as one should (as I would someday love to be able to…): as if you were sitting by a fire and hanging on the storyteller’s every word. The stories were magical and lovely.

I finished the collection a few weeks ago, and I keep thinking about it. Characters come back to me, as if to visit.  I will actually go pick up the book sometimes to re-read some of the most beautiful scenes. Perhaps some of the most beautiful I’ve ever read. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

You can visit her web site at (with links to some stories and poems).

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