If I used this blog to talk about things I was really excited about every day, it would quickly become a blog about Glee.  I guess that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I don’t think anyone has gotten fired for having a Glee blog.

The Golden Globes are on tonight! I can’t remember the last time I even watched an awards show, much less got excited about them. There are four Glee nominations.

Plus the girl from An Education, who was just so good, very well might win for Best Actress. Entertainment Weekly says so.

Plus Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer will be there. Votes have been madly cast all week – 546 comments at last count – for which dress Amanda Palmer should wear.  (I voted for number 6, which is undoubtedly the most red-carpet worthy, but today realized that might not be the best dress for a girl with a belly, which she most famously has.)

Poking around on Facebook today (as I do, ahem, from time to time….), I noticed the Gleeks are all a-twitter. There’s a sense of kinship among the fans, and fondness for the cast. I’ve long been enamored of geek fandom communities. It’s such a great way to find common ground with people from all walks of life. I’m not sure I can remember a time when a show was both so hugely geeky and hugely popular, though.

I hope the networks don’t take this and run with more musical shows. Glee works wonderfully as a musical, and is brilliant, but as anyone who has vague memories of Cop Rock know, a TV drama with random musical outbursts is not necessarily a recipe for good TV. Glee works because it’s good. It’s all-around quality, from the writers to the actors to the choreography.

Most of all, it works because it’s got heart. And that’s why I feel like I’m rooting for something worthwhile tonight. It’s something good in the world. In the wise, if decongestant-born, words of Rachel:

“If there’s two things America needs right now, that is sunshine and optimism…. Also angels.”


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