Dancing with Myself


Oh, look, I have a blog! I guess it would be nice to update it once in a while, since some of you are so nice as to come and visit.

It’s been a weird week. I think I’ve decided to change jobs/careers. Again. I just don’t have the heart or courage to talk much about it here, all public-like… but just as a sneak peek, I’m thinking about teaching. Actual teaching. In schools.

The very thought induces a crazy mix of excitement, panic attack and self-doubt. For my Gold’s yoga peeps, I know you’re probably thinking, “What happened to that book you left us to write?” In a round-about way, that book, or the process of trying to write it, led me here. But that’s a long story. And I’m doing a lot of yoga and meditation just to try to keep my head on straight, and I’m not doing a fantastic job. So here I am, at almost-8 on a Saturday morning, dying for a coffee shop and BodyStep, but stuck with a sports car that won’t move on snow of any kind. (And once it moves, it won’t stop.)

Can you tell I’m feeling sorry for myself today? Just a little.  But at least I have a coffee pot, and a warm home. Things will be okay.

Deep breath in, let it out slowly….

p.s. Since my last post was all a-Glee, I’ll just say, yes yes yes, I was so excited about their Golden Globe win. Hurray Glee!

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