Amanda Tapping (con’t)


I don’t get a lot of random hits to this site, so I was kind of excited yesterday to get more than my usual number of visits, and the top search was “Amanda Tapping.” That is not my only reason for this all-Amanda-Tapping-all-the-time post, honest. I already feel a little stalker-esque writing about her two days in a row,  so I promise not to talk about her for a .. um, a little while. And certainly not for silly reasons like site meters.

Writing about something, for me, almost always begets further thoughts of that something. I had a few thoughts between yesterday and today.

Questionof Honor: Why do men feel the need to put a really attractive woman’s face on a stupid body? Google Image search is so depressing. I refuse to show examples, lest it in some way support the stupidity. Instead, here is an un-doctored (to the best of my knowledge) image .

Pretty Hot without Photoshop, Gentlemen

Hot chicks don't need Photoshop.

The best result of my random thoughts, though, was finding this video of a Q&A session. I haven’t watched the whole thing, since I still have to avoid spoilers. I loved what she said, though, about being scared a lot of the time, and how “for creative people, you really need to scare the crap out of yourself.” Those words really resonated with me, and maybe they do with you, too.

What is something you would love to do, if you knew you could face the fear, and thrive on it?


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