Oh, dear.  I haven’t watched the Olympics much this go-’round, even though the winter session is my favorite. Right now, though, having randomly turned it on, there is a Russian talking over a very darkly-themed soundtrack about his “enemies,” and how his “enemies” will react after he wins the gold medal again. Okaaaay.

And this is a figure skater! Well, maybe he’s trying to assert his masculinity.

Honestly, I only turned it on because Meredith Viera and her gang on The Today Show looked like they were having so much fun. It is clearly a party in Vancouver.

But I’ve been busy this week! I watched the Doctor Who specials on Friday night, so clearly couldn’t watch the Opening Ceremonies. Over the weekend I watched Sanctuary and read Living Oprah (the book), and really, how am I supposed to make time to watch sports? I know a lot of people look forward to watching sports on the weekends, but these tend to be husbands, and I don’t have one.

I feel like this should be where I reflect on some really lovely Olympic memory of childhood, but all  that comes to mind is being 13 and feeling like I hadn’t done very much in my life. It was really hard to watch young women my age winning gold medals on behalf of their nation when I could barely muster the courage to get on the school bus every morning (and very often didn’t). Now I’m feeling a little disgruntled about the Olympics, so excuse me while I go have a piece of chocolate and pop in another DVD.


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