An Altar of Your Own


I’m sort of in love with this blog now. I love the color scheme, and that the titles actually appear at the top of the posts.

It’s the little things.


In looking for an excuse to blog and to use my new camera, today’s post is about my altar. I highly recommend creating a little space for yourself in your home. If you look at my life from the outside, you may say, “But Marian, you’re single! You live alone. Your whole home is your space.”

A space to reflect

It’s true, but my whole home is also taken up by things that take me outside myself: all my books, DVDs, various boxes of connection to the world. My altar is a space I can sit before and reflect on all the things I love about life from a quiet space within. I light a candle and drop into a meditative state, focus on my breath, and let the rest of the world drop away for a bit.

You’ll notice my altar isn’t terribly formal. It’s not like a church shrine, or even the humble offerings you’ll see in many yoga studios. It’s just a space I put some candles and incense, and a few of my favorite things. Yes, there are crystals, and yes, I sometimes even hold them while I meditate. There is a small statue of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, which holds some measure of spiritual significance for me. (Not as a Catholic, but simply as a traveler who found a city that both challenged and opened her heart in rough times.) This also happens to be a gift from a little boy who is very dear to me, so I often will send a little blessing his way when I reflect upon the trinket.

I will often pick up small items from nature when I go out walking – just small things like leaves, feathers, pebbles – and add them to the altar, as an added reflection on my connection to nature.

The most recent addition has been a book of meditations, which offer some daily reflections for a busy life. I purchased it to find a wider range of readings and quotes for the end of my yoga and BodyFlow classes, but it’s been a nice addition to my personal ritual, too.

How can you make a little space to honor your spirit? As I’ve shown, it doesn’t need to be something uber-religious (though, of course, that might work better for you, depending on your path) – but simply a space to sit and reflect, a small corner to find peace in a loud world.


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