Yoga Therapy


I’ve been increasingly drawn to the idea of therapeutic yoga in the last few months. When I think about what I would most like to share with people when it comes to yoga, it’s how it can help you heal yourself.

Check out this list on the Yoga Journal website of ailments and their corresponding therapeutic poses. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say yoga is a cure for all the ailments in the world, I do believe it offers effective treatment for a great many of them.

Just think of all the people in your life who suffer illness directly related to stress, lack of rest, poor diet, or lack of exercise. The body has a remarkable capacity for self-repair, but we need to support it with a healthy lifestyle. I have felt for a long time that while the benefits of physical yoga postures (or asana) are hugely beneficial, the true gift of yoga is to reconnect us with our bodies, to offer them honor and respect

By giving ourselves space to calm our minds and bodies, we allow our bodies to open up to their natural healing capabilities.


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