First, announcement! I’ll be teaching at Gold’s Gym, the Fan, at 10:30 on Memorial Day. Would love to see you there!

*** On to the “real” post*****

I was listening to this fab radio show/podcast called Radio Lab the other day.If you go to this site and scroll to the episode called “Limits,” you can even listen to the very same one I did. O! Great wonder of the Interwebs!

Anyway, in the first section of that show, they talk about really brutal things people do to push themselves to their physical limits and survive. It’s insane stuff, and they get to the premise that your body can handle more pain than you think you can, because your mind keeps you backing off.

It started me thinking about my own limits. I say I can’t run because of bad joints. But I have run, right? And it didn’t kill me. So “can’t” is not correct. I might still not want to, but I shouldn’t say “can’t.”

I’ve done really intense things. On the grand scale, like the Everest grand scheme, maybe not so intense. But 20-mile day hikes, BodyFlow training weekend and BodyPump training weekend…. very intense, challenging, even punishing experiences. (Yes, even BodyFlow, especially BodyFlow, don’t look at me that way until you’ve tried it!)

There were moments in all of those experiences when I thought, There is no way. There is just no way. I cannot move myself anymore. I cannot keep going. I just can’t. I did, though. I kept moving and I reached my respective goals.

I think maybe the key is having something worth striving for, something your mind, body and soul can really get behind.

Or maybe it’s just not feeling like you have a choice.

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