Kama and Ice Cream


Last month, I wrote a little about exploring the concept of purusharthas to find greater balance in my daily life. As I mentioned, kama, or pleasure, is sorely out of balance. I do have some kama. It’s not like I don’t have any joy in life. My everyday kama includes: time with friends, coffee shops, coffee in general, playing with my cat, tending to my balcony garden, going to a movie, cooking, and yes, yoga.

Still, in proportion to the time I spend working and fulfilling commitments to family and society, and maintaining my living space, kama falls short. I’d struggle to think of ways to have more fun, and strangely, my mind kept coming back to one thing: ice cream.

Dairy and I don’t really get on so well these days. It’s not that I have intolerance. It just tends to make me feel sluggish and tired.

But still. “Ice cream!,” my mind called. “Pleasure! Ice cream! More ice cream! No, really, it’s great for kama! Go for it!”

Okay, okay, I responded to myself. I get the idea. So I decided it wasn’t really a bad idea to have a little ice cream, maybe just a cup or two on weekends. I have a low-fat diet, and work out a lot. What could a little ice cream hurt? So my plan was to buy a quart, and portion out a cup or two in my little Pampered Chef prep bowls (a very good serving size), and that would be my weekend treat.

I finished the quart in a day and a half. With sprinkles and hot fudge.

New plan! I didn’t give up my ice cream dream completely. I simply found a way to enjoy ice cream and avoid unhealthy binging.

Have you seen the mini-cups of premium ice cream? They’ve been out for a few years, and I just love them. They are definitely one of my favorite things. Now they are part of my grocery routine. I spend about two dollars on two cups, and that’s just the right amount. It’s incredibly satisfying. Also, if I go crazy and can’t help myself, I know that I’ll have, at most, two portions in a day.

That’s much easier to live with than a quart.

In closing, because I know you’re just dying to know, my flavor of choice these days is Haagen Daas’ Dulce de Leche. It’s creamy vanilla with a caramel swirl. Yum.

Kama, man. Kama.


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