Apps Can be Good for You


Today I would like to sing the praises of the My Strength Application on Gold’s Gym’s Facebook page. It’s really helped me keep going this month.

You probably know I am a big proponent of finding balance and allowing rest. All the same, being healthy is really important to me, and I get frustrated when a rest day becomes a rest week, then a rest month… and before I know it, I’ve lost all the benefits of balanced energy and daily endurance.

So I revisited this app, remembering when it helped me get motivated for my one sustained attempt at running. I added up my scheduled weekly workouts, allowed for a few missed days, and came up with a goal of exercising 1100 minutes before the end of June. As you can see below, I’m just minutes away from meeting the goal.

Courtesy Gold's Gym Inc.

It’s amazing how motivating a simple line graph can be.

Yes, I admit, I skipped a few workouts in there. (That’s where you see the long horizontal lines.) What is great about the chart, however, is how it helps keep lethargy from feeding inaction. Just knowing that line would go a little higher helped me keep going and motivated me to get back in the game.

Another benefit of having this log is validation. June has been an odd, off-schedule month, and my impression is I haven’t gotten a lot done, and that I’ve been a little on the lazy side. This chart is a pretty bold argument against that.

Take that, O Ye Monster of Low Self-Esteem! I’ll call your lazy and raise you 1100 minutes.

I do find setting manageable, realistic goals is the hard part. Meeting them is relatively easy – just one foot in front of the other, just one small line inching up and up on the graph of life.


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