Job Interview


I interviewed for a job at Lululemon Athletica last Saturday. I stumbled across the ad on Craig’s List and thought it was destiny calling. It spoke to me as a job description never has. “This is me!”, I thought. The idea became all-encompassing, and I envisioned myself having this job that would bring together everything I love in life and Richmond. It was terribly exciting.

I told everyone how excited I was, and did lots of preparation for the interview. The interview itself was pretty fun. There are certainly worse ways to spend a Saturday morning than sitting around Starbucks in athletic wear discussing your hopes and dreams with like-minded women.

I knew as soon as I got home that I didn’t get the job. I have nothing more than gut intuition to back this up – and I suppose I could still be wrong – but I felt it strongly enough to allow the bitter disappointment to wash over me. There are a few things you must know about dealing with bitter disappointment, if you don’t already:

  • It’s gonna happen, ‘cuz that’s life.
  • You have to let it happen, and let your heart feel just as sad as it wants to. The more resistance you put up, the more “bitter disappointment” will morph into simply “bitter”.
  • You must be very gentle with yourself. This is a good time to make herbal tea (iced, if it’s 95 degrees), take long baths, and write long, angst-filled posts in your journal. Movies or books in bed, curled up with cats? Bonus healing points.

So, that was last week, and I’m reflecting on the experience. I am pretty sure I’m not the right person for the job, and that it’s not the right job for me, at least not right now. If the company moves on to open a store and need “showroom educators,” however, I’m going to be the first one submitting my resume. I still think the company is amazing and I’d really like to work for them.

There were several good things that came out of this. I’m in a bullet-creation sort of mood today, so:

  • I bought a Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank, and it’s my new favorite thing.  You might not see me wearing anything else to the gym for a few weeks – until I buy another one in a different color – because everything else pales in comparison. It breathes well, wicks moisture brilliantly, doesn’t ride up in crazy ways, and is long enough to make my freakishly long torso look normal. I. Love. It. Don’t worry, it’ll be clean, even if I’m wearing it every day. It’s great for washing out in the tub and hanging to dry. That’s what it’s doing right now, or I’d model it for ya’.
  • I was prompted by the manager to go to a workshop at Om On Yoga, which finally motivated me to go check it out. It’s now my new favorite yoga studio, and I got a Facebook friend’s request from the workshop teacher today. Hooray for new Facebook friends! (It’s also a great shop, and I am excited that I can buy pretty yoga clothes and support my fave local yoga girls at the same time.)

So, good stuff! I think it’s really important to consciously choose what stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Instead of saying, “I had this one really horrible job for two years and it nearly killed me and it was such a waste of my life,” I try to think, “One of the things that brings me joy in life is my Mustang Convertible and I have that because of a detour I took in a job that wasn’t quite right for me.”

In this case, instead of thinking, “I didn’t get the job,” I get to celebrate having a new favorite thing and building connections and new friendships in my community. How awesome is that?


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