Part of a yoga practice is learning to meet resistance with acceptance. Yeah, it works great for building stretchy hamstrings, but it’s applicable to all areas of life.

This week I’m resisting the old east vs. west battle. I don’t CARE, I want to scream. I read a book by a traditional yogi criticizing western yogis for starting with yoga to come into the mind, instead of using the mind to come into the yoga. Well, I think, what does it matter if we do? If it helps us end up in the same place, isn’t it all good?

Then, as I’m still practicing meeting my resistance with patience, or trying to, the NY Times runs an op ed criticizing yogis for not being more spiritual. Now, this really bugs me. A westerner criticizing westerners for something he’s not even practicing? I say, if you get the physical practice of yoga and you’re dedicated to it, you’re way ahead of the guy sitting at a desk shaking his head at you for not meditating more. Hello, guy at desk? Go meditate and stop killing my buzz.

I sigh to myself, knowing this is only the beginning. I’m starting my 200-hr training in September, and I can feel the mental shift this is going to demand. I am going to be someone that people look to to define yoga, but you know what? No one can do that for you.

I’m not trying to be a guru. I’m going to learn as much as I can, and share it in as humble a way as I can. Everyone is on their own journey. If everyone focused more on their own journey, instead of pointing fingers at the guy over there for doing it wrong, it would be a happier world.

Is that me pointing a finger? Oh, well. I’m trying.


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