Salutation Nation


Yesterday I went to Salutation Nation, an outside yoga event organized by Lululemon Athletica Richmond. It was absolutely amazing. It just occurred to me, as I’m typing, that this is exactly the sort of thing I created this blog for – too bad I didn’t post in the last week! I will try to keep you up on these cool happenings more regularly.
It was such a beautiful morning. Gorgeous and sunny and just the gentlest breeze to caress your cheek in a forward fold. Just lovely.

The teacher was great, and I was pretty great, too! (She says modestly.) I found myself holding crow pose as a perfect balance and not even tempted to fall out of it. It seems like I can only hold crow outside! It could also have something to do with the teacher’s preparation poses – garland, wrapping hands to ankles, then bringing hands forward to support. Once I was there, it just a matter of gently rocking forward. Ta-Da! It was really cool. Now I have to find another arm balance to make me face my anxiety. 🙂


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