Busy Times!


Lots going on since I last posted!

Yesterday, I attended the BodyFlow Advanced Instructor Module. It was a really awesome experience, and I am still absorbing a lot of the lessons. I might do a more detailed post about the experience this week.

Coming up in September, I’ll be adding a bit to my teaching schedule. I’ll be at Gold’s Gym in the Fan at 4:30 for BodyPump and 5:30 (possibly 5:35, I’ll have to double-check that!) for BodyFlow. It’s a little scary, but I’m enjoying the challenge of getting myself back in good enough shape to teach doubles. If I’m not when I start, I will be soon enough!

I’m thinking about having a weekly dinner club, something very casual and informal, for the after-class crowd. Coming to class would not be required, of course. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you on the e-mail list to let you know where we’re meeting and what time we plan to be there!


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