Pyramid Dreams


In the weeks before my BodyFlow training – almost 4 years ago, I can’t believe it! – I had a dream that I was teaching pyramid pose. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. There I was, in the Mind-Body Room at Gold’s, teaching pyramid pose to a class. The idea was so thrilling and scary I could hardly stand it. I was awake half the night, having this concept work its way into my psyche. I would be someone who was going to teach yoga poses. To other people.

I still get a little thrill when I think of it, and how I became the person I was in that dream. The most recent BodyFlow release (49) had a beautiful, long-held pyramid pose, and every time I teach it, I remember that dream. It’s almost like I’m watching myself. I can see myself in the pose, coaching position, options and feel. Since it’s toward the end of class (in the hamstrings and forward bends track), I am immersed fully in the flow and feel of the class. I see myself, and I am the woman I dreamed of four years ago.

I’m not saying it was a premonition (though I do believe in premonitions), but rather, that there was a part of my truest, best self that saw who I could be and recognized my true potential. It’s so very, amazingly cool to watch your dreams come true, to grow into the person you hoped you could be.

I’m not perfect, but I’ve become a really good teacher, and I love my classes and all they give back to me. It’s an amazing thing, to have this kind of joy and fulfillment in my life.


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