Lululemon Comes to Richmond!


I am so excited that Lululemon Athletica is opening its Richmond showroom this week! On Thursday, September 2, at 11 a.m., they’re open for business. I’ve bought a few things on the Lululemon website, but there’s just something special about getting your kickin’ exercise wear up close and in person.

I’m completely serious. I love exercise clothes, and when I’m splurging on myself, that’s often the first thing on my list. I once talked to someone who avoided a gym because that was where everyone wore “beautiful clothes,” and I tried to get her on the beautiful-clothes bandwagon. Okay, I am as likely to have grungy days at the gym as anyone, but it truly makes a difference in your workout when you’re wearing something that is designed to move with you and keep the sweat from clinging to you. Sweat pants and cotton tees? I just can’t imagine working out in them anymore.

You can find our lovely Richmond team on Facebook: Lululemon Athletica Richmond. Not only will you find the showroom hours and location (right around the corner from our Gold’s Fan, gym peeps!), but also lots of information about where to find great exercise all around town. Lululemon is more than just clothes. They are deeply invested in building a community of people who love movement and fun.

And I’m totally on that bandwagon, if you can’t tell!


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