Announcement Time!


This week’s business:

  • Friday dinner 7 p.m. I haven’t had a chance to plan this or be creative this week – though I’ve gotten some great suggestions! – so I’m going with a reprise of Little Mexico, the Mexican restaurant across the street from Golds- The Fan. Little Mexico will probably be my default pick on my busy weeks, just because they are good with groups, serve quickly, and make it really easy to break down the bill. I have to say, I am loving Friday night dinner! I think I have a name for it: AfterFlow Afterglow. Too much?
  • I’ll be launching BodyFlow with April at the Fan on Friday, October 15. All new, beautiful BodyFlow, with treats at the end. What more could you ask for? Mark your calendars! (Go on, mark!) Bring a friend! Launches are  a great time for new folk to try Flow, because it’s new to everyone.

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