I hear consistency is the key to a good blog. I’ll have to try that someday.

For now, announcements! Followed by a little pondering.

  • Tonight’s AfterFlow Dinner Club is a little on the down-low, but not actually a secret. I am not sending out blanket e-mails or announcements, just assuming that anyone who hasn’t come yet wouldn’t want to come Thanksgiving weekend. If I’m wrong, please e-mail me for details:
  • I’m subbing this weekend’s Sunday Stretch at Willow Lawn, 10 a.m. Come stretch it out!


I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Not to focus on the negative, but I have definitely feeling more than a little blue. It’s a mix of outside pressures – family, finances, situational – and just the time of year. My body type doesn’t respond very well to the cold and damp, and I start to feel down almost as soon as the weather changes even a little.

I’ve been coping by employing consistency, in daily routines and in yoga. Sometimes I’m not sure yoga is actually helping me. I’ll feel so lost, and think, why do I feel this way, when I’ve been practicing yoga for so long? Why can’t I feel peaceful?

Then, an issue of Yoga Journal will come, and remind me of all the ways that yoga has helped. One article will remind me I’ve learned to accept where I am and work with what I have, even when it doesn’t seem I have much. Another piece reminds me I have gained a certain trust in the greater order of the universe – that I know the world won’t end, even when things are so dark I almost wish it would.

I am deeply grateful for my yoga practice, with all the gifts it brings. I am also deeply grateful for the opportunity to teach. My classes take me out of my worries, get me out of my head, and bring me in contact with so many wonderful people every week. Taking other instructor’s classes, too. Thank you to everyone who brings such light into my life.

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