Taking a Break to Get Started


Since I’ve talked about the 200hr RYT training program a lot here, I feel obligated to say something about how I’m taking a break from it. This particular program is one that can be finished within three years of starting, so at least taking a break doesn’t mean giving up completely. (Though, I have to admit, it’s likely.)

The two main reasons this is happening (relatively soon into the process ) are that 1) my money ran out and 2) I decided on a different direction to go with my career. When I started the program, I definitely thought I would be interested in a career using yoga in a therapeutic manner. Now I’ve decided to be a different kind of therapist: an occupational therapist.

The career decision came directly from the yoga training, actually. I had been pushing the idea aside for a long time. When I told people about my thoughts on career path, I would often say, “I would really like to be an occupational therapist if I didn’t have to go to grad school.” I saw yoga therapy as a way to live that life without a master’s degree. Yoga is definitely being recognized more and more by the mainstream, and I’ve witnessed the healing benefits firsthand time and again.

The only thing is, I really don’t have the temperament to be a business owner, which is what that life, at this point in history, would require.

Then one day, as we were having an anatomy session, I started to really get it. We were talking about how every human body is different, and how to apply yoga to that, and I was thrilled. I thought, “Wow, this will take a long time to learn right.” That thought was followed shortly  by, “I totally want to spend the rest of my life learning this.”

Once I had that breakthrough, graduate school didn’t seem so bad. It’s just another step in a lifetime of learning. That’s the road I’m on now, with a lot of work to do before I can even apply for the master’s program.

So, yes, there’s been a lot on my mind lately, but I’m really excited about the direction I’m heading. Difficulty always leads to growth, and the challenge is to meet resistance with patience and allow changes to unfold in their own time.


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