Announcement: The Friday AfterFlow dinner this week will be at the Fan House. 7 p.m., class optional, bring a friend!

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal this week. I kept one in the 90s – you know, when Oprah first told me to? – and I mostly tacked it on to the end of my usual whining journal entries. Now I have one notebook that’s all gratitude, all the time, and I’m already noticing a big shift in my attitude. I, like anyone, am guilty of focusing on the negative when things aren’t ideal…. and when is life ever ideal? Every night I list 5 things I was grateful for in the day. Some big, some small.

Dear Life, Today I am grateful for my cats, my apartment, knitting, warm baths and The Mentalist. That sort of thing.

Today, I woke up grumpy to teach an early class on the other side of town. On my drive, there was a lot of fog, and it was beautiful. Not the scary kind of fog where you can’t see the car in front of you, but the kind of fog that nestles in hollows by the side of the road and floats magically around the edges of your world. As I crossed the Lee Bridge, it was like entering a magical tunnel shrouded by soft clouds.

I thought about my gratitude journal and how this would be an entry. “I’m grateful for this.” It brought me into the moment, wiped away all my grumpiness, and left me feeling in love with my life.


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