On the Doorstep


I am really interested in these groups that deliver fresh produce to your home – or in some cases, to a pick-up point near home. Some are CSAs, community supported agriculture groups. Some are simply creative businesses like Arganica, about which my friend Aimee recently wrote a wonderful blog post.

Richmond.com has a page that talks about all the local CSAs available.

Personally, I am really drawn to the idea of fresh, local (and in many cases, organic) produce delivered to my door. Even with the places you pick up, that’s so much better than going to a supermarket, if only because you aren’t tempted by cookies. The convenience and quality are definitely worth the price. I think all of these organizations sound great as an option for anyone working within a budget.

So, I say that… and then I look at my budget. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can afford it. My budget for food is woefully small, almost ramen noodle small. It is already a challenge to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and I use a lot of cheats: stringing out leftovers for days or turning them into soups that I use as leftovers for days, canned foods, frozen foods, and the healthier processed foods like Barilla pasta.

So, even though I could sort of wrangle one of these food plans if it was my entire grocery budget, it would be a bit of a gamble. Is it enough food to last? Will I have enough fresh produce to last the week, or will it go bad before I can eat it? Thus, while I think it’s practical for those on a budget, it is probably not practical for those on a shoestring budget.

I would love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with CSAs or home delivery. Share your thoughts!



Announcement: This is so last-minute I’m putting it at the bottom, but just in case anyone is checking here for the info on Friday Dinner Club: 7 p.m. Olio Bistro, 2001 West Main Street.


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