Homemade Sports Drink


A few years back, I spent a few Sunday mornings playing Ultimate Frisbee. It was pretty fun. I remember I made a brilliant catch one day, and I was so proud. For one shining moment, I rocked at Ultimate Frisbee. The rest of the time, I was pretty mediocre.

Anyway, one of the things I remember most about Ultimate Frisbee is Gatorade. One of my friends would go get a giant CostCo pack before the game, so part of the ritual was to help carry it to the field. When everyone took breaks, all sweaty and gross, we would pass around the Gatorade.  After the game, we would have another round. It was sweet, and I found it easy to convince myself it was a much more efficient way to re-hydrate than water.

Since then, though, I haven’t really had sports drinks much. I work out a lot and sweat a lot, but can’t bring myself to have such sugary drinks on a regular basis.

This month, Yoga Journal had a side bar about making your own sports drinks. I had read something years back along the same lines, but it was targeted more at people recovering from stomach bugs, and included orange juice, salt and baking soda.

Not really something you want to have often, right?

I really liked YJ’s suggestion, though, and I modified it a little for my own preference. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it all week.

Here’s what I’ve started preparing before going to the gym. It’s so easy! I fill my re-usable bottle with:

  • Water
  • A pinch of salt
  • A splash of juice
  • A dash of blue agave sweetener

The salt is how you help replace the electrolytes you’ve lost after a tough workout. (In case you’re wondering, the differences in YJ’s suggestion were a squeezed half of a lemon instead of juice, and honey instead of blue agave.)

Then I just shake it up, put it in the fridge, and it’s waiting for me when I come home. It’s such a refreshing treat when I come home – especially after the sweatiest class, BodyStep!

I also took a previously chilled one with me to follow my most recent Friday night back-to-back session of BodyPump and BodyFlow, and I didn’t feel quite as dead after as I usually feel. I think it’s going to be a new standard in my gym routine.

Let me know if you give this a try, and what you think! Any other alternative ingredients you might use?


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  1. Ew, baking soda in a sports drink — not for me! I like your recipe much better.

    I don’t make my own sports drink any more though — I mostly drink coconut water instead. It’s tasty and they say it rehydrates you better even than Gatorade, it just doesn’t have any of the neon colors. 🙂

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