CX30 (Or, courage for another Les Mills training!)


[See also: The Essence of CX30]

In two weekends, I’ll be training for Les Mills CX30 (not to be confused with CX 30, some sort of check-writing system), the new, crazy-intense core training program. We’re having the training at my home gym, Gold’s, with mostly Les Mills instructors. Nope, not intimidating at all!

I signed up because I didn’t want to sign up. Funny, huh?

After an initial interest, I started to talk myself out of it. I had lots of reasons: not enough money, not enough time, and probably not enough core strength.

Even though I teach core exercises in BodyFlow (two tracks: core abs and core back) and BodyPump – and teach them well, I think – by the end of those tracks, I am done. That’s only ten minutes! Don’t even get me started on the plank hovers and the endless variations we’ve had in the last few releases of BodyPump. I suffer through every moment.


After Quarterly , I had the instant reaction of, “Yes! Totally! This is an amazing, revolutionary program and I want to be a part of it.” Then I was, again, wracked with doubt. I wasn’t able to make it through track 2 (of 6!) on full options. How could I expect to teach it?

One afternoon I was headed to BodyStep with friend Aimee, and spent the whole ride telling her why I wasn’t going to do CX30. No money, little income, living on credit cards. So many amazing instructors were going to be in the training, besides, it wasn’t like I was going to get a time slot – so no extra income. Plus, if I was going to get more certifications, it would make more sense to do something that might actually advance my career, like ACE or AFAA or personal trainer certification.

It was all very logical.

An hour later, Ida (amazing BodyStep teacher) and I were having basically the same conversation, and supporting our mutual doubts (as good friends do). Too much time! Too much money! Weak core!

The more we talked, the more I heard myself. It wasn’t pretty! Basically, I was wussing out because it would be a huge challenge, and I was letting my self-doubt keep me from pushing myself to do something I actually thought was pretty awesome.

I realized I’d be slightly envious of everyone else who went through, just for taking on the challenge, if I wasn’t brave enough to do so myself.

Digging in

So I whipped out my much-abused credit card and took the plunge. (Ida’s doing it, too.) After a few days of full-out terror, I began to embrace the idea of the challenge. I really believe CX30 will change my body and take me to a new level of strength and endurance. I am truly excited about bringing that same transformation to our members. We’re going to see big changes for everyone!

We instructors got our program kits Friday night (DVDs, resistance tubing and a Snickers bar – I think the last one might not have been from Les Mills, though), and have been all a-twitter since. I am starting to wrap my head around the sequencing. So far, the choreography is coming quickly to me, aside from a few nuances in transitions.

Track 2 is still fairly terrifying, though. My new mantra is, “If I can make it through track 2, I can make make it through CX30.”

So, I’m signed up, ready to go, and in the grit of pre-training training! I’ll let you know if I make it through the weekend!


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