The Essence of CX30 (and other gym stuff)


CX30 – ongoing thoughts

I’m still in the thick of Les Mills CX30 training preparation, though I took a day off Tuesday. You know you’re getting overwhelmed when your brain is constantly playing music from the release you’re learning, and your thought circles go something like, “I’ll never get this! I’m terrible at plank hovers. I think I know how to teach that bit, but is it turn through the chest and not the shoulders, or through the shoulders and not the chest?” I learned early on in my BodyFlow instruction days that taking a big step back is the best thing to do at that point. Let the brain soak it in and give it a rest.

So I took Tuesday off of any exercises, any music, any learning. It helped!

I’ve gotta say, I feel really, really good about CX30 right now! I can really see the difference in my body, just from practicing once or twice. (I’m trying not to overdo it, since I do so much other exercise, too. The program participant recommendation is 2 to 3 times a week, so I’m trying to stick with that myself these two weeks before training.)

I love, love, love CX30. In some ways, I feel like I get CX30 more than I do BodyPump, even though I’ve been doing the latter for years, and it seems pretty obvious what BodyPump is about. I just get frustrated sometimes, because I really get BodyFlow – I feel it in my bones – and when I’m teaching BodyPump, I often have a really hard time connecting with the energy of the program. It’s so forceful, so in-your-face. I find it really challenging to be myself in there, though I’m getting better… I think.

Anyway, I’m beginning to get CX30. It’s intense, tough, brutal…. but I get it. Maybe because it’s also a lot of fun, and moves quickly. It’s easy to keep the energy up with this music, and I feel like I’ll be able to connect with the essence of the program more easily than I do BodyPump. It’s intense, but not gritty, not GRRR. (Those are hard qualities for me to harness, I’ll be honest!)


I’ve started taking BodyAttack the last few weeks, just to try to up my training regimen, and wow, what a great class! I admit I kind of hated it when our club launched it. It just seemed unfairly hard. Why would you want to do that to yourself?

I am glad I gave it another chance, though, because it’s an excellent group fitness class. I feel deeply challenged, and it gets me right out of my head. I have left the last few weeks with crazy endorphin highs.


I haven’t been to a yoga class in ages. I really should, but it’s hard to squeeze in to my workout schedule. I teach 5 classes a week between two clubs. I attend two BodyStep classes, and now that I’ve added in BodyAttack, I think I’m about at my limit for classes I can take without giving up practice time. I do practice yoga at home on my own, but it’s always good to get feedback from another teacher.

Just something to add to the list, I guess!

(Also: Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Attack)

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  1. Hi, I am body pump instructor who just started teaching again after feb. back surgery. My abs are pretty strong. But I am not back to my where I was. I wanted to know how the initial instructor training is. Is it really hard? I completed Body Combat training ..but my brain can not process and cue the choreography that quickly,,and found it hard to think and talk while huffing and puffing. So I never sent in my assessment video. I enjoy Body Pump but sometimes 10 tracks is alot to remember. Right now this is new to my area.. Houston ,Tx so I haven’t been able to take a class. There is a training the 2nd weekend of August. My gym has no plans as of yet of adding this I will pay for this myself. I just am curious how extreme the training is? I also noticed you must learn the choreography before the training. I like Pump because you can breathe and there are not ton of variations..3/1..4/4..2/2 singles..etc. I am an older instructor but fit except working on getting strength back since surgery. Please any advice or thoughts. I have around 10 days to register. You can see my profile on the Les Mills web site. Sherilyn Gerhardt

    • Hi Sherilyn! I am just about to start CX30 training tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what it’s like day after tomorrow! Thanks for asking! I’m very excited about it. From the release I’ve been practicing with, it’s a very intense class.

      You should definitely try BodyFlow! It’s accessible to all levels, just try to talk to the teacher first so she can give you options in areas that might be uncomfortable for you at first. BodyFlow is my favorite thing in the whole world. I hope you love it!

      • Thanks so much for the quick response..please if you want, friend me on Facebook. We have an over flow of yoga , mind teachers. I am very low on that totem pole ..I have taught at this gym 3 yrs Oct and most have been there over 12yrs! Please let me know how training goes..good luck. I am excited for you..hope to here from you Monday. I work a lot with seniors and teach deep and prenatal H20 aerobics..Right now I am doing a kids format of Body Pump and sub the real class. If you look at my pictures on FB you can see I am pretty fit..but playing catch up. I am 44 ..5’4 104lbs. I also work full time as flight attendant for SW Airlines..I think presently my core strength is my best..but since I can’t find and sample classes not sure if I am up to snuff. How hard do you find the choreography?? I know you must be getting for bed. I am in Detriot tonight and Providence Saturday night. I will try and see if I can get into Body Flow this week. Again Thank You so much for of luck.

  2. Hi..just wanted you to know I was thinking of your training today…hope it went well and you not too sore!

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