CX30 – The Revolution is Coming!


Okay, Gold’s peeps! Now that I’ve gone on and on about CX30 training – hope I didn’t give away too much! I tried to practice restraint – I have exciting news for participants! The new bunch of Les Mills releases is just a few weeks away, and this round is going to be HUGE, most especially because we’re launching a whole new program!

Those of you long-timers who’ve been around for program launches like BodyJam and BodyAttack know how big this is. And I’ll tell you what, CX30 is going to bring down the house.

I’ll announce my other favorite program launches over the next few days, but here’s what you need to know about CX30: You must go.

Don’t be afraid! Yes, it’s tough, but you know what? You are going to feel the core work like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.You are going to see the results and – above all – feel the results. It will help you with everything you do, from sports to gardening.

CX30 is scientifically designed for maximum results, and you’ll know the truth of that when you try it for yourself! While CX30 is designed to challenge your core and pack a punch, you can do it. There are always options to help you work to your next level of core strength and fitness.

Here’s another reason not to be afraid. All the participants at launch will be new together. It’s a great time to bring a friend to the gym, because everyone’s on the same page.

Only the instructors have more experience in this than you do, and that’s to everyone’s benefit. I’m not bragging on myself here, but I just spent a weekend with these people and I absolutely believe Gold’s Gym Willow Lawn has an above-and-beyond CX30 team.

So, here’s the deal:

What: CX30 Launch (with rock-star instructors Martin and Brian)

When: Saturday, July 23rd, 11:35 a.m. 

Where: Gold’s Gym Willow Lawn – GGX studio

Bring: Good footwear, and determination. (A small towel might be useful.) We’ll provide the mat and resistance tube – but if you have a favorite of either, feel free to bring it along!

Be the first to experience CX30’s revolutionary core training! Don’t forget to bring a friend!


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