Launch Week at Gold’s Gym – The Fan


The new quarter is well underway in Richmond! This week is a big one for Gold’s Gym -The Fan. I’m delighted to announce I’ll be participating in the new release launches of both BodyPump and BodyFlow.  It’s been a while since I’ve tried that, so I’m way excited!

BodyPump 78 – Monday, July 25 – tomorrow! – I’ll be joining Anna at 6:35 for what is sure to be a fun team teach! This release is intense, and the music is so fun and energetic you almost don’t notice. (Almost.) This release focuses on working us to fatigue-  forcing our muscles to get stronger, faster! Keep an eye out for the lunge track. It is wicked – you’ll see fireworks for sure!

BodyFlow 53 – Friday, July 29th, at 5:30. I’ll be flying solo for this one! (Though the rest of the Flow team really does love me, I’m sure. They’re just busy people!) Look forward to a joyful, expansive, and centering hour. Fluid movement guides you on a lovely internal journey. BodyFlow 53 is a great chance to just sink into your body, feel the music, and enjoy. The times when we break out are really fun, though, including what might be my favorite core-back track ever! The standing strength track is amazing – in more ways than one!

We’ll also be going out to dinner after BodyFlow, so come hang out with us! I’m not sure where yet. Suggestions?


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