New stuff! New stuff!


It’s been a while since my flurry of obsessive CX30 training posts, but everything is moving along just fine in fitness land.

Speaking of CX30, it has been a great success so far! We have been getting great feedback from members, and there are a few die-hard regulars just these few weeks in, going to every class and chomping at the bit for new music.

Now that I’m done with my certification taping (yay!), I can begin to think about new music. I added the bonus tracks from release 3 last week, and now I am starting to wrap my head around release 4.

(Yet another dragon of a track 2 to face down! )

I am absolutely swimming in new choreography, ya’ll.  Here’s how my list-to-learn looks:

  • CX30 3 bonus tracks (was very shaky on these last week, need to practice more!)
  • CX30 4
  • BodyFlow 54
  • BodyPump 79
  • BodyPump 67 (lucked into an older copy, and am trying to work in new material so my Friday class doesn’t get bored!)

And that doesn’t even include the day-to-day stuff, like organizing my playlists for and practicing for this week’s classes.

CX30 is definitely the most intimidating on the list right now. While I have a handle on a lot of the floor work from BodyFlow experience, any of the standing work with bands is like learning a new language. I practiced release 4 in my living room the other day, just following along with the DVD, and it wasn’t pretty! I was all over the place.

I’m determined to work out the kinks before I try any of the moves in public.

I did learn a couple of the new tracks, though. We have the go-ahead to work them in as we’re comfortable, so you’ll be seeing them in classes around Willow Lawn over the next week or two (including mine! Thursday night, 7:35 Mind-Body room).

I’ve learned something like 14 tracks of music this week, all told. That’s pretty crazy. Yet I still feel like I’m lagging behind!

I’m not complaining, though. This whole deal – new music, new choreography – is what makes us instructors such passionate freaks. J All that new energy and challenge is hugely motivating.

I hope you all enjoy it, too!


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