Home Yoga


My home yoga practice has been really consistent lately. I’ve had a home practice for years, but it was more sporadic. I’d go days before realizing I hadn’t done yoga, usually noticing when I was feeling stressed and worn out. Then I’d think, “Man, I really need more yoga.”

For a while now, maybe weeks, it’s been automatic. I know I need yoga in my day, and I almost always work it in somehow.

One of the biggest blocks in the past was resisting practice when I was feeling too tired or anxious – ie., when I needed it the most. Logically, of course, I knew that was the best time to practice. It just didn’t happen.

Now it does. If I am tired, I turn to the mat, and find clarifying energy in breath and movement. If I feel down or anxious, I listen in. If I feel like, more than anything in the world, I need a hug… That’s when I put a BodyFlow DVD on, and do a track or two with Jackie and listen to one of her guided relaxations. She’s my virtual fairy godmother – magic better than a wand. J

I know I shouldn’t sound surprised (hello, yoga teacher!), but I really think it’s helping. I find creative solutions to problems more quickly, and I’m keeping an eye on the long view, instead of dwelling on today’s obstacles. I generally feel worlds clearer in my daily actions, and live with a more open mind and heart.

This hasn’t been the easiest time lately, so I am especially grateful for the reassurance practice brings, the peace I know is always there (somewhere, sometimes a little deeper than others…). I am so grateful for the wisdom of this process, and all of my teachers, near and far, who have taught me a little about moving gracefully with the constant change and flow we call life.


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