This week I made a big switch! I sold my car, and will be using my brand-new bicycle as everyday transportation. For more about the “why,” see my other blog!

As for fitness, I am going to cut back a little on my gym time, using the bike to accomplish more of my exercise and training goals. I will still teach all of my classes, get on a cardio machine once a week and go to BodyStep once a week, but with the extensive bike riding I’ll be doing, I do believe anything more would be overkill!

I am planning on easing into this new weekly routine. Here’s what my week looks like:

  • Monday: Bike to gym (about 10 mins), cardio and weight training
  • Tuesday: Bike (about 15 mins) to Job 1
  • Wednesday: Same, plus ride to teach BodyFlow at Willow Lawn (about 10 mins.)
  • Thursday: Bike (about 10 mins) to Job 2 and (about 15 mins) to teach CX30/CXWORX
  • Friday: Bike (about 15 mins) to teach BodyPump and BodyFlow
  • Saturday: Bike (about 15 mins) to take BodyStep
  • Sunday: Bike (about an hour!) to teach at MAC (Honestly, I’ll probably wuss out on this one after a week.)

So, including BodyStep and those round-trip commutes, that’s about 380 minutes of cardio exercise each week!

Some of the rides are pretty easy and might not get my heart rate up very much. Still, with that amount of time put in, I think I’ll be okay skipping a few classes.

Also, I got this nifty bike computer that tracks speed and distance. Yesterday I went out for 36 minutes and traveled 5.8 miles. My average speed was 10 mph, and my max speed was 19 mph (going downhill, of course!). It’s pretty motivating knowing just how far and how fast I’m going. After I’ve settled in to the rhythm of simply biking every day, I might set some speed goals.

Let the fun begin!


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