237 miles, and counting (but counting less)


Well, it turns out that not having a car for two weeks in Richmond is plenty!

I do love the bike, don’t get me wrong. It has been really great to watch fall come (and go!) on my commutes. It’s also amazing how much gas I was wasting on two-mile rides. So, even though I’m getting a car again, I’ll definitely keep up the bike travels.

The biggest problem is safety. I can’t tell you how many times people have run stop signs in front of me, or not yielded on left turns. If I wasn’t overly cautious (and on the slow side), I would almost certainly have been hit by now.

It takes a while to find the routes that are safe and manageable for biking, yes, and and I’ve begun to get the feel for the flow of my regular routes. The frustrating thing is, though, there are places I can’t safely and easily go. I really hope that changes with the big competition that’s coming here next year!

I’ve been really kind of lazy, though. I know 237 miles doesn’t sound lazy, but my routes aren’t that hilly and I rarely break a sweat. So biking everywhere is enough to make me feel too tired to go take a class, but not challenging enough that I’m improving my cardio fitness. That’s one of my goals for the next few weeks – get back into the gym!


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