BodyPump – Love and Time


I love BodyPump. It was the first class I took on my first day at Gold’s. I often say I’m glad I didn’t know better, because it probably would have taken me a lot of courage to go to my first class otherwise!

I was terrible at first, but I remember looking around and thinking, “These women have amazing arms! If I could have arms like that in a year, this class is totally worth it.” My arms were competing with the best of them in three months! There really is nothing like BodyPump for getting in shape fast.

I got certified to teach BodyPump the same year I did BodyFlow – 2007 – but I taught fairly sporadically until 2010 and stayed, primarily, a participant. Then, September of last year, I took over the Friday afternoon time slot at the Fan and fell in love with teaching all over again. BodyPump is always challenging me to dig deeper, to find my true strength, and to break out of my comfort zone as an instructor.

I am so grateful for all Les Mills International has brought to my life. I love to hear the people behind the magic tell their stories. Here is one of my favorite yet: Phillip Mills telling the tale of BodyPump origins – he and wife Jackie (I’ll say it again – love her!) creating the class in their New Zealand living room.

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