Progress Update


So that this blog isn’t just a bragging zone, I have to be honest when I haven’t been meeting my goals quite so well! So here’s an update. A shameful, shameful progress report….

  • Leftover Halloween candy is the bane of nannies, or at least of nannies with low impulse control. I ate so many Kit-Kats.
  • After riding the bike everywhere, for two weeks,  I got super lazy about going to the gym. I have not found my way back into the weekly training routine. Of course, one of the great things about being an instructor is that there are a certain number of workouts you can’t miss. People will notice if you’re not there! So at least I’ve been getting my BodyPump and BodyFlow action.
  • And CX30! That is kicking my butt, but my core has been whipped into respectable shape. I had a few weeks of intense self-consciousness about my ability to teach the class. My hope is that if I keep showing up, that will pass. As with all things, it will just take time and experience.
  • Yoga – Urgh. I was so enjoying my everyday commitment to yoga, but it’s been weeks since I had that steady practice. I actually can’t remember the last time I took to the mat at home. And I’m definitely feeling it – stress in mind and body. Again, thank goodness I have to show up to teach BodyFlow a few times a week, or I wouldn’t be getting anything.
  • I’ve gained a little weight, which isn’t surprising, given the above bullets. I’m not focusing on the weight, though. Instead I’ll focus on making choices every day that lead to the level of fitness that makes me feel best – vibrant and comfortable in my own skin.

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