Sunday Morning


I love Sunday mornings. It’s my favorite time to just chill out. I teach BodyFlow in the afternoon, but right now I’m just listening to new BodyFlow music. I can’t believe it’s release 55. I trained on 35. Twenty releases in the blink of an eye….

I practiced the first half yesterday before a babysitting gig. Good stuff! I love my quarterly “visits” from my Les Mills extended family – Jackie, Dave and Corey. I’m planning a group trip to Auckland, New Zealand next year (let me know if you want info, everyone’s welcome and I think the group rate will help it be relatively affordable), and I’m trying really hard to picture myself being “cool” if I meet them. I don’t get star-struck a lot, but I could see it happening with them. Be cool, Marian, be cool….

So, this isn’t a proper post, just some random things on my mind. I’m on Twitter now if you would like to follow me (@MarianKlatt). After a few days horrified by it, I’m starting to embrace the concept of Twitter as a medium of communication unlike any other. As long as I don’t get it on my phone, I’ll be okay….

Hmm… Anything else? Went to BodyAttack Thanksgiving morning. That was the best part of the day. (Sorry, anyone else who might read this who I shared the day with… Love you….) BodyStep yesterday. Today I am going to hop on a treadmill after BodyFlow and try to learn more of BodyPump 80. This release is very intimidating, will have to spend a lot of time practicing.

The new CX30 CXWORX is my favorite yet! I love CXWORX 5. It’s all-around brilliant, and the music is hot. Can’t wait to teach it! Also, Jackie presents on this release, and that made me too happy.

Okay, that’s all my gym rambles for the day. My energy levels drop horribly this time of year, and staying in the gym and my beloved Les Mills classes is the only thing that keeps me going. Let’s stick winter out together!


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