Plugging Along in December


The “detox” has been going well, though it’s hard to even think of it as such – I’ve been eating such delicious food.

A few years ago when I tried this plan, it was a challenge. Now, though, I just eat this stuff – fruits, vegetables, grains – as a matter of course, and I love it all.

The biggest change with the detox is avoiding added sugar, and I feel fantastic. Gone are the cravings for more sweets, gone the urges to eat when I’m not hungry.

So, that’s going well.

I am finding it hard to keep to my planned workouts, but again, when I do, I feel fantastic. It is really the only way I can keep my daily energy levels up in December. This is the month I want to crawl under covers and hide away from the world, year after year. I know I’m not alone in this.

The next round of Les Mills new-release launches are coming up, so I am busy learning choreography. Usually I learn BodyFlow first, but this time I decided to start with BodyPump. BodyPump 80 is a great release! A lot of the music just makes me smile. I am also really excited about CX30 (which will be renamed CXWORX this quarter); can’t wait to teach it!

So that’s where I am right now. If you’re struggling, hang in there! A new year is just around the corner.


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