On Break!


In the time between my old classes ending and my new classes beginning in January, I’m in this wonderful space where I actually get to take a break. No regularly scheduled classes for two weeks! (My Sunday BodyFlow is off for Christmas and New Year’s Day.)

I love my classes, don’t get me wrong. But this break is so nice. I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to have time off from learning chorey, building playlists, running off to class after class.

I feel great!

Athletes build rest periods into their training. It gives the body a chance to recover, and helps to prevent injury and burnout. I don’t know a lot of group fitness instructors who would even consider it. Most work out every day. Most show up to class even if they’re sick. I know a teacher who taught BodyJam with a 100 degree temperature, and another who taught BodyPump on a sprained ankle. Taking a break for a good reason is frowned upon; taking one just to have a break? Wuss.

I know a lot of it is that it’s such a pain to find substitutes. When you plan a vacation, it can be really hard to cover classes – especially early mornings and on weekends. So you get used to doing for yourself when you can, because it’s easier than constantly checking e-mail for responses to sub requests or going down the phone list.

Then again, a lot of it is foolish pride. I’m guilty of this. Just this Monday, I was still not fully recovered from my own recent illness. I knew BodyPump would be tough, and it might be good to get a sub. But I was already the class sub and knew it would be hard, and I wasn’t that sick. It was easier to take a nap and tell myself I would use light weights than to try to find a last-minute replacement.

I kept using my usual weights – until halfway through class, when I began to feel shaky and dizzy. By then, even light weights were a challenge, and I knew I had been foolish to push myself so hard. Too late! I came home on wobbly legs and went to bed at 8:30.

Anyway, I am really enjoying this break, and am going to keep my teaching schedule from getting too crazy in the future. I’m also going to take breaks more often!

Once or twice a year, I think. Maybe I’ll even take a real vacation and go somewhere this year!


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