100th Post: The Game Plan


Happy New Year! Happy 100th post! Thank you for reading.

In honor of milestones, my 2012 game plan:

  • To attain a personal trainer certification. I’m not the jock sort, and getting the certification is more intellectual and practical than physical. There is still physical work to be done toward this goal, though!
  • To be fresh in my approach in classes. I went to BodyFlow training five years ago this month! That makes me something of a veteran. It would be very easy to call it in, but I want to keep bringing new vitality and joy to each class I teach; to be present with the experience. That goes for everyday, really, being present with my experience.
  • Fitness Part One: Continue making daily, conscious choices about how I eat and move. I know people probably look at me and think I’ve never had a weight problem in my life, but I can still empathize with the ongoing struggle with weight management. My weight goes up and down with my moods. I create healthy patterns, but I slip up in times of stress and turmoil. I am going to continue to create nurturing habits in my life so I don’t turn to food for comfort.
  • Fitness Part Two: Completely re-work my exercise plan. Unless I buy a membership (thinking about it), I can no longer run over to the gym five minutes from me and hop on the treadmill. Both gyms I’ll be teaching at are 20 minutes away. So I need to carefully choose which non-teaching gym visits I’ll take. It’s an opportunity! I am going to use my bike more for fitness training, and I also might try running. Serious running hurts my knees and other joints, but I might be able to do a run/walk a few times a week.

Best wishes in 2012, whatever your own game plan may be!


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