February Already?


I am long overdue for a blog post. I have no idea what I’m going to write about but here I go. I get inspired by reading other people’s blogs, and you know, they make it look so easy and fun.

Sometimes it is easy and fun.

There are problems with having a fitness-themed blog. The biggest one is that when January comes, and everyone else is off Resolution-ing their wee tushies off and getting in gear, and you are fighting a never-ending respiratory infection with a strong side-effect of laziness- well, ya’ll, that doesn’t feel so hot to blog about.

January wasn’t the best month. On the upside, I started teaching a new yoga class on Saturday mornings, and I love Saturday morning yoga. So that was a win.

Also, I’ve gone a good ways to meeting one of the big goals I set for the year, and went to AFAA’s personal trainer certification workshop. I took the test, and am now ever-so-patiently awaiting results. I am pretty sure I passed, but not sure enough that I’m printing up brochures just yet.

Also, even though I haven’t been able to do BodyStep in 8 weeks *sniffle*, and have had a really hard time getting back into cardio training after my poor lungs took the afore-mentioned beating, I had one big boost of self-esteem. At the personal trainer workshop, there’s a bit where we learn how to assess our client’s cardiorespiratory fitness by having them step up and down on a 12-inch step for three minutes, and then put their recovery heart rate against norms.

So I volunteered to be the guinea pig for the group, and the weekend’s presenter tested me – and I fell in the “excellent” category for my age group. Exciting! I was really sure I’d lost it, but I guess I’ve been doing just enough to stay in good shape.

But…. this week, my sum total of exercise has been the stairs to my apartment, some stretching while watching TV, and a walk pushing the stroller for 25 minutes on Tuesday. Not enough! I’ve gotta get back in the game.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a start-to-end fitness assessment on myself, as if I were my own client. Then I’m going to make up a rockin’ training plan.

I think I need something to train for, though. I’ve been thinking a 4-day backpacking trip with REI. I could buy myself a piece of gear for each major training milestone I hit, too! Ooh, I like this idea….


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