Good and Bad Days


So, since I was so completely whiny and Pump-reticent yesterday, I figure I owe it to whatever saint may be the Les Mills BodyPump patron to say, hey, thanks! Teaching Pump today was fun. A small group of smiling, happy, hard-working peeps.

That’s not to say I blame the participants last week. I mean, they didn’t make it easier on me, but it’smy job to get beyond all my own niggling self-doubt and teach the damn class.

It also helped that yesterday was such an amazing BodyFlow class. It reminded me why I teach, the magic that is a part of it all, and I was able to bring my love for exercise and music along to BodyPump today.

It’s all about attitude. Bring it!

Um, but confession: last night I went to Walgreens and loaded up on everything I don’t eat anymore usually more than once or twice a month: pecan sandies, Pringles, Coke, Easter chocolate, ice cream. Also, I’ve been cranky about a lot more than the gym this week. Ice cream is always a good hint.


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