Just the way you are….



Yesterday was good fun. I started the day with BodyPump, but not just any BodyPump – a masterclass with a Les Mills National Trainer! She rocked, and I remembered why I love the program. It’s an incredible feeling to push yourself to the edge and push right through.

Then, dashed off to teach yoga, where I was probably a bit more chatty and pumped up than usual. Everyone still looked quite calm and gooey at the end, though, so I guess I did my job well enough.

I had a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake with my mother and grandmother, then went back to the gym to practice a little BodyFlow 56 with my friend Brian, who is going through training next weekend. I’m so excited we’ll have him on team BodyFlow! Though I do think he’s a bit crazy to go for a fifth Les Mills training. (That’s pot-kettle obviously, since I’m over here with 3 LM certs and currently debating between Sh’bam and BodyVive, neither of which are offered at my club!)


I love BodyFlow 56. I learned it in 4 days and I think I’d be ready to teach it tomorrow, solid coaching and all, because my heart just went, “Ah, yes, this!” and soaked it right in. It’s amazing.


I am practicing complete self-acceptance. It is really, really hard. It’s harder than any exercise class, any workout, any physical yoga. It is really hard to face myself square on and love myself just this way. I tend to get mad at myself for not being able to relax more, for example. I’ll start chiding myself. “I teach yoga! I meditate! I should be better at this!”

I’m letting all that go, and accepting myself – regular anxious thoughts and all – which, amazingly, makes it so much easier to relax.

Excuse my fluffy-warm musings over here, but it is my fervent hope for all women, everywhere, that they can find their peak level of fitness while fully loving and embracing themselves now. It would rock if society could redefine peak fitness, too, so it doesn’t mean 5% body fat. Peak fitness is being able to run, jump, dance and love without physical restriction. I don’t care if you have 25% body fat… If you can move enough to fully embrace and enjoy your life? If you keep your heart and muscles strong so you can live a long, healthy life?

That is your peak fitness.

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