Yoga and Money


Fabulous piece: In Defense of Yoga Pants

Lots of good points. Actually, there is nothing in that article with which I disagree. I’d even have more defenses that she didn’t list. For example, buying a $90 pair of yoga pants from Lululemon makes me feel good, and not because I care what people think of a brand stamped on my butt. It feels good because I know this company is run by my people. I know they are going to act conscientiously when they run factories and create product. I know they treat their employees well.

Yes, I can buy a functional pair of yoga pants for $13 at Wal Mart and $18 at Target, but I don’t trust those companies the same. (Also, I have to buy 5 pair of those for every one pair of Lululemon or Athleta, because they are not made to last.)

Also, I feel extra justified because I teach classes. I need to be sure nothing is going to slide up, around or off while I’m trying to focus on my work. It’s nice to teach in clothes that fit you well; you get to focus on what you’re doing, not what you’re wearing.

So. I love designer yoga clothes. LOVE. I spend more money on yoga and workout wear than I do on my streetwear, by far. (It shows. I have, like, 8 outfits to my name, and they’re almost all from the thrift store.)

Still, I have been feeling increasingly uncomfortable with my materialistic habits. I bought a new yoga mat – eco-friendly, designed by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners – and it was just under $40. I considered that a bargain. And in the world of designer yoga mats, it is. You can pay 90 bucks and up. (Yes,and up. $90 is actually not top-of-the-line!)

So I’m sitting there, with my new yoga mat, quite happy at its arrival, when I start thinking, “Is this what yoga has come to?” That voice hasn’t gone away. It’s something that bugs me, that I spend so much on yoga stuff. It seems wrong somehow. I don’t think I’m going to stop doing it, but I really do plan to sit and think about my motivation. Is it really all about functionality? Isn’t just a little bit of it about ego?

Maybe more than a little…?

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    • Nifty! I get your posts sent right to my inbox, so I keep up with you more than almost any other blog I read! I’m hooked, and thank you for passing on the Liebster Award love! I will certainly pass on my nominations in the next few days.

      What fun! I am having so much more fun with blogging now that I feel like I’m part of a WordPress community. You following me was a big step in that, so thanks.

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