Real Food


I skipped a kickboxing workout I meant to do at 4:30, but I did walk for 45 minutes pushing a stroller this afternoon. At least I got some exercise in before stopping at Bev’s ice cream on the way home! Tomorrow I have BodyFlow practice then teach yoga, and will probably try to get some cardio in, too. It’s okay to take a slack Friday. It’s Friday, right!

Ice Cream?

Yes, ice cream, thanks to (oddly enough) an issue of Real Food and Health on my Kindle right now. First off, love the magazine – the whole mindset is very positive. Sometimes, if you start to research where your food comes from even a little bit, it can be really depressing. It’s so important to have resources that are able to inform without bringing you down. At least for myself, in order to create lasting, real change, I need to have a sense that I’m going to make a difference.

I think Real Food might be my next mindful diet focus. I largely eat whole foods now: I don’t eat much of anything that comes from a can. My weekly staples are rice, beans, quinoa, vegetables (a mix of fresh and frozen), and coffee. (Mmm, coffee….) I do buy lemon juice, Silk soy milk, and the occasional bag of ready-to-bake sweet potato fries. I’m making moves away from all three of those things. (Citrus juicer, less-processed soy milk, and still perfecting my homemade sweet potato fries)

In one of the articles, “Why I Spend My Dollars on (Real) Food”, the writer says:

But I think the most important aspect of my journey is that I didn’t give up what I love. I still have chocolate chip cookies, I just make them myself from basic ingredients. I still indulge in a serving of ice cream, I just buy the fresh local stuff.

Which gave me an immediate hankering for Bev’s. It was a little more out of the way than my usual ice cream source – Kroger – but so worth it. It really is so much better than Haagen-Daaz (which is, admittedly, pretty awesome). Locally made ice cream is so fresh, and it just feels good to know I’m supporting a local business. It’s worth going out of my way for.

The message is one that really speaks to me, though. It’s increasingly important to all of us to be mindful of where our food comes from and to take the tiniest steps toward change. I’ve largely changed to a vegan diet, but wouldn’t call myself a vegan because, damn it, I still love my occasional ice cream treat. (Vegan ice cream is a nice treat, but not nearly as soul-satisfying as ice cream.) So I haven’t made the full switch there, but I am thinking I can make a Real Food switch.

I am considering a blog: 365 Days Without a Wrapper. That’s a bit more intimidating, though. My rice comes in a wrapper. My beans come in a wrapper. Where will I get my staples without a wrapper? In those bulk-food natural stores, don’t you have to still have to put it in a bag at some point?

That resistance I’m feeling, though, tells me I have something to learn from this process. Something to think about!


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    • Hmm, maybe! It’s hard for me to be that individualistic. I always liked the idea of taking my own bags to the store, but didn’t do it until everyone else was doing it!

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