Healthy Moves


Just a few tidbits as update:


  • I’ve been playing with my yoga music the last few weeks, planning moves to the music a little bit more. It’s been fun, and I feel like people immerse more in the movement when it flows with the music. Also, I get to pretend I’m collaborating with Jackie Mills. (Can grownups have imaginary friends and not be crazy? Don’t answer that.)
  • I’m on a spring detox, because my eating was getting out of control. It’s not a starvation diet by any means, but it does help me to reset my system. The last time I did this, I lost a good deal of weight, but I try not to set that as my goal. My aim is really to re-evaluate my eating habits and make positive changes that will last beyond the 21 days. Today is Day Three. Day One was rough, I wanted ice cream so much! (Ice cream has been my weak spot lately.) Yesterday was fine until evening, then I was antsy and wanted something more than I had in my kitchen. Today I’m feeling great – really balanced and almost no cravings. There was even a cake at work! Usually I devour four pieces when I think no one’s looking, but I didn’t even touch it today. And I’m satisfied – deeply satisfied – by a handful of grapes. It’s amazing, once I get the processed food (especially sugar) out of my system, how good I feel.
  • One big move I made for my health this week was signing up for a biweekly delivered box of locally-grown food from sustainable (mostly organic) farms. It’ll be delivered by Dominion Harvest starting in May. I’m really excited! It’s a big chunk of my grocery budget, but I hope I can cut back at the store with all the goodies Dominion Harvest brings me.
  • Next on my list of healthy moves is to get a blender so I can make green smoothies. I broke my blender putting something crazy in it a few years ago, so I know I want to get a hard-core power blender for this project. I’m thinking about a juicer, too, but that seems a bit more of an investment, so that’s on the list for when I have money. (Someday!)

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