I love my life!


Looking back, I can’t remember a time I was quite this excited about my life. I’m so excited! The world just feels so open and full of possibility.

So happy…

What I’m most excited about right now is my Kickstarter project. It’s an awful lot of money I’m asking for, and I know it might not succeed, but just the act of putting it together – a vibrant rush of activity since Saturday! – has opened me up to so many creative possibilities – things I hadn’t even realized I wanted to do!

One small step, I learned a long time ago, is often all it takes to change the entire course of your life. You keep taking that next small step toward your dreams, and the universe will present you with dreams you didn’t even dare to dream for yourself. It’s amazing.

The Kickstarter project will launch Sunday! It’s for a yoga web series called “Squeeze in Yoga.” The concept is short yoga workouts that can be worked into any day – if you only have 20 minutes, if you only have 10. But – and here’s where I feel like a total rockstar creative genius – I’ve designed the sequences so you can use those all separately or put them together for a full, yummy, 90-minute session when you have the time.

I really want to do this! I can really use your help. If you can contribute a little, that’s awesome! And even if you can’t contribute, it’ll mean a lot to me if you can pass it on – you are my yoga, fitness, improve-your-life peeps. You know what a big difference the smallest change can make.

So, Monday morning, please be ready to hit that Tweet/Facebook/E-mail button, and I’ll love you forever! (I already love you forever, but I’ll love you even more forever. Yes, I know that makes no sense, and I’m saying it anyway. That’s how happy I am.

So happy.


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