Happy Weekend, Ya’ll!


It’s been a few weeks since I updated. I feel bad, because I left that whole Kickstarter thing hanging in the air. Thanks to those of you who were willing to jump in and support the project, but it was not approved. Oh, well.

So far, so good this weekend. Went to friend Heather’s BodyFlow taping bright and early, taught my own 10 a.m. yoga class, then came home and crashed. I felt sort of jealous of the people with beach bags going of to enjoy the outside until I went grocery shopping. Two seconds in the parking lot was enough to make me really grateful to come home and relax in the AC!

I am eating (reasonable portions) (for now) of chips and salsa to celebrate summer instead. I’m facing some big changes in the next week, which is causing a fair amount of stress, which is leading to some comfort eating…. but my healthy choices are still outweighing my less-healthy choices.

I’ve been having my box of local veggies delivered for a month now, and it’s fantastic! It has definitely increased the variety of vegetables in my diet. I’ve also been making green smoothies, almost every day. I thought that would be a pain, but it’s really easy and surprisingly delicious. I actually look forward to my green smoothie and have even had one for dinner once or twice.

My hands have been hurting really badly since yesterday. Maybe Thursday, but yesterday was when I really began to notice it. My feet were hurting on Thursday, but I knew that was from taking BodyStep in old shoes – time to get some new ones. I can’t figure out why my hands hurt, though. It was so sudden, and they hurt all the way from my wrist to my fingertips, front and back. It makes weight-bearing exercises (like those we do a lot in Flow) really painful. I can only hope it ends soon.

Okay, enough complaining. Off to learn the new BodyFlow! (57!)


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