Hand Therapy


As I mentioned yesterday, I hurt my hands this week and they’ve been in a lot of pain. I think I figured out what caused it, at least. There’s an exercise that starts out like a tricep dip, but instead you hold yourself in the same position and just walk your hands in place. I remember it made my wrists uncomfortable at the time, so I am pretty sure that’s what did it. I also am very relieved, because I think it’s a dumb exercise and I won’t mind skipping it in the future.

Yes, I know “dumb” is a harsh, or at least immature, word to use, but my hands still feel bad enough that I’m okay being harsh and immature. As a fit, relatively young woman, I know that if this happened to me, it’s going to happen to other people. As tricep exercises go, it’s probably the least effective one I’ve tried. How exactly are you strengthening your triceps by lifting your hands off the bench? Dips are far more effective.

Anyway… off my soap box… I’ve been working with these hand therapy exercises, and resting my hands as much as possible. I can feel an improvement, though I’m still getting a sub for today’s BodyFlow. I’ll probably take a warm bath later and do these stretches again to keep helping my hands recover. I’m also taking a few days off knitting, which makes me sad because I’m so close to finishing a sock and I have all this free time and all these podcasts to listen to.

I’m definitely thinking a lot about how much our hands do and how much we take them for granted.

I often tell my class participants to take care of their injuries, to be willing to take breaks to give their bodies time to heal, and to be gentle when they do start moving again. I’m trying really hard to follow my own advice!

More good Livestrong Articles:

Hand and Arm Numbness When Performing Dips

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