Sacha Coburn


I just found Sacha Coburn’s blog, and while she doesn’t seem to update often, I am in love with what she has written. The most recent post is amazing, and I think I would like to see more of this attitude from the Les Mills community.

There’s a host of fitspirational images rushing around cyberspace at the moment. Typically faceless female bodies with chiselled abs dripping in sweat, they exhort us to work harder to get into the shape of our lives and stay that ‘hot’ til we die. The images stress the rewards of the hard work in the gym and reinforce the idea that those who attain the ultimate physique are more worthy and more deserving than the rest of us. And they are. They deserve their low body fat percentages and their washboards tummies. But no one I’ve asked can tell me what the abs are for? What purpose do they serve? I appear to have become a utilitarian. Which is why I’m so relaxed about this:

To see what “this” is, you’ll have to visit her blog, because it shows her topless – a breast cancer survivor – smiling, with the caption “I’ve been pushing some serious weights for a while now and the dang thing just won’t grow!”


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