Okay, so you know, not too much going on except….

  • I got a new job. Most of my friends know about it because I can’t shut up about it. But for my blog world, it is a really great fitness job at a Big Corporate Building. I’ll be doing personal training, teaching group fitness classes, and being all-around awesome. I can’t tell you how excited I am that I got this job, or how terrified! It doesn’t start until November 1, which is plenty of time for me to freak out about how I’m going to pull this off.
  • Signed up for BodyFlow AIM 2. AIM stands for Advanced Instructor Module, and unlike AIM 1, we are trying to attain a grade – Advanced or Elite Instructor. My ego is talking to me big time about this. Ego says, “Girl, you’ve been teaching this program for more than five years, and if you can’t manage to get Advanced, there is something seriously wrong. And you KNOW you want to get Elite, so don’t even pretend.” Truly, though, I’m just really excited to work with one of my favorite trainers (they’re all my favorite!) and spend a weekend immersed in BodyFlow and Les Mills love. That alone will be worth every penny.
  • Planning to do an 8k in December.
  • Signed up for a 5k Pretty Muddy course with my Pretty Friends. You might notice this is a lot of running on my near-future agenda, especially for someone who’s never been a runner. But I signed up and started following a training plan, and so far am attaining the training plan goals without dying. (But have missed a party from overdoing it, which kind of sucks. No fun missing parties!) I’m figuring if I’m going to be this totally high-paid fitness professional, though, I’ve gotta walk the walk, and stop making excuses about why I can’t do something. Anything is possible!

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