Do you what you love, the money will follow…. it just might take 15 years!


I’ve really been enjoying my new job. It is the work I saw myself doing, before I even considered being a personal trainer. I just knew I wanted to be in a job where I worked one-on-one with people, and could maybe do some yoga with them.

My job is so, so great. I leave every day thinking, “I love my job.” It’s everything I’ve wanted and hoped for, and more. It’s mentally stimulating and emotionally rewarding. People are completely friendly, which was surprising to me. I didn’t think they’d be mean, but it’s, you know, a Big Secured Building that is slightly intimidating at first.

But people are really nice, and they seem really happy I’m there. They seem almost as happy I’m there as I am happy to be there!

There was a long, long time when I was just trying to live my life as authentically and true to myself as I could, even though it meant I was very poor, and sometimes despairing. I quit jobs I hated, even though everyone said it was a bad idea. I just want to say, it is possible to find happiness, even “in this economy.” I feel like it justified all those moments I trusted myself, and believed I deserved more.

I feel like it especially justified walking away from a gym job that refused to give me a raise, because I decided what I was worth and was no longer going to put myself on sale. (Thanks, Suze Orman!) It was an experiment of sorts. I was told that if I decided I was worth more, the world would treat me like I was worth more. So, big question, would it happen?

Guess what? That rather high amount I decided I was worth for gym classes? That is now my hourly wage. I never would have dreamed that would be the result of quitting a job. It’s above and beyond my wildest dreams.

I had more I wanted to talk about, but I’ll save them for future posts. For now, go out there and LIVE BIG, ya’ll!

Coming soon:

  • Intuitive Eating (book and hopefully a certification)
  • Rugged Maniac 5k  (next May)
  • BodyFlow AIM2 (a few weeks ago)
  • BodyFlow contest (in progress; mine is titled “Self-Compassion”)
  • BodyVive Instructor Training (in January)
    (and more!!!)

p.s. It’s not deserving of a whole post, especially since most of my readers probably saw it on Facebook already, but I did make it through the BodyStep certification process. I’m now an official instructor!


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